Tekstvak: What is an Enigma?
An Enigma is a electromechanical cipher machine build a long time before World War II and it was invented by the German Arthur Scherbius in 1918. The Enigma was used in World War II to send encrypt  and decrypt secret messages. The Dutch radio-amateur Paul Reuvers PE1BXL has developed an electronic self build kit of the Enigma machine. This self-build Enigma works with a software program but its results are the same as an electromechanical Enigma. I have seen an electronic self-build Enigma from Paul Reuvers and this kit inspired me to build my own Enigma. 
But my interest is mechanical machine building. And therefore it became a challenge for me to build an electromechanical Enigma machine. I have studied the electromechanical Enigma construction and operation for two months (photo’s and internet sites) and it seemed possible to me to construct such a machine on my own.
The size of my Enigma m4 is not the same as the original, because I didn’t have the original measures of the Enigma ( I had to estimate all sizes), but the rotors and all the parts have the same operation as the original Enigma m4. The project “Enigma”  began April 2005 and will be finished maybe end of 2007. Hopefully at that time I’m in the possession of a “replica” of an Enigma m4.  
I hope that some-one also will be inspired to build an Enigma . It is a big challenge to reconstruct this technical ingeniousness machine.
Gert (PA3GUF)

P.S. Indeed I finished the Enigma m4 in 2007 and it works fine, but I have to admit that it was a heck of a job.

Tekstvak: Alphabet rotors
Tekstvak: Complete rotorset
Tekstvak: The rotors be put in motion by the key. The other keys must still be made

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Replica of an Enigma

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